About Us

Why Join My Team?

It Works allowed me to quit my job and go all in with working from home. I am now debt free! I am committed to my team and helping them reach their goals. Since I work my business full time I am all about training and being a support for my team. As soon as you join our team you are added to our team pages and support groups and can instantly start receiving help, direction and training. Our team has a great success record and we have loads of fun too!

How Do I Build My Business?

When it comes to building your business as an It Works Distributor, there are many ways you can do this:

  • Loyal Customer Program where your customers can purchase for up to 40% off
  • Retail Buying Customers
  • You can sponsor new distributors and an unstoppable team
  • Wrap Parties
  • Converting your customers to distributors
  • Expos / Markets
  • Social Media
  • Networking

When it comes down to it, our business is essentially made up of sharing our products with other people and helping others start a business just like you did.

Who do you know who wants to be the best version of theirselves?